Most of you will be aware of Strongbuild’s commitment to sustainability and our move to pre fabrication and mass timber construction adopting CLT (cross laminated timber).

The following article prepared by The Fifth Estate (The Fifth Estate is Australia’s leading business newspaper for the sustainable built environment and the people and issues that surround it) puts Strongbuild right up there with one of the largest building organisations in Australia – Lend Lease in leading the charge toward a healthier planet.

Strongbuild currently has a number of CLT projects locked in for construction commencing in 2016.

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Willow Aliento | 15 December 2015

Mass timber construction is gathering momentum in Australia with a recent announcement by Lendlease that it will launch a prefabricated building materials factory in Western Sydney. But the move was matched this week with news that builder Strongbuild is also jumping deeper into the sector, expanding its CLT and offsite prefabrication capacity with a new 15,000 square metre facility at Baulkham Hills coming online early 2016.
StrongBuild has several multi-storey residential developments that will use CLT ready to break ground in the new year, and according to architect Rod Pindar, a principal at Fitzpatrick+Partners, the company’s new headquarters will also be constructed 100 per cent from CLT and engineered timber products.
There is clearly greater momentum around engineered timber construction, Mr Pindar said. The practice is currently working on numerous other CLT projects, including multi-unit residential, hotel and commercial applications.
“There is much more awareness of timber and CLT in particular, even from just a year ago. Clients and developers are more educated and many of the big builders are now investing in serious research. We’re seeing it grow across the entire industry” he said.
Despite the increasing interest for CLT in the industry and a number of positive clients, the challenge is convincing the builders in such a competitive tendering market.
“Many builders are understandably risk-averse and still reluctant to price timber construction competitively, or even at all” Mr Pindar said.
“Tried-and-tested construction using steel or concrete is still the go-to solution for most builders trying to find the lowest possible price”.
This is particularly true of second tier, smaller firms, he said, that do not have the resources to have an in-house research and development team like the major tier one firms, such as Lendlease.
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