Last night we completed our final planned CLT Fire Test at the CSIRO laboratory in Ryde. This test was probably our most challenging as it was a large scale floor test with many service penetrations. After a nervous 90 minutes, all service penetrations comfortably passed. We have completed five tests in total now, consisting of various combinations of fire rated protection (plasterboard combinations etc), service penetrations in walls, a lift door, a highly loaded CLT wall panel (which took 100t of weight over 60minutes of fire) and as mentioned above, a floor penetration test.

 To date we have relied upon very detailed Fire Engineering Reports for Macarthur Gardens and AVEO Norwest, which rely upon many fire tests undertaken in Europe. This testing regime now means we are able to provide our clients and authorities (such as the Fire Brigade, Councils & Private Certifiers) Certification supported by Fire Test Reports and Assessments undertaken by a Local Testing Authority (CSIRO) to Australian Standards. This also now enables us to construct Mass Timber projects to 25m in effective height (typically up to 8 storeys) in compliance with the Deemed to Satisfy Provisions of the BCA/NCC, without the need for Fire Engineering Reports.

 Undertaking this process has been a massive team effort. Thank you to our design team (mostly David Eckersley), headed by Simon Xiberras, for developing over 41 detailed testing drawings and numerous test briefs and specifications whilst liaising with a myriad of industry fire protection suppliers. The test panels were detailed and processed by our Robot Saw in our Manufacturing facility so a big thank you to Daniel Turner, Steve Strong, Billy Corkill and the rest of the team. We also installed and set up all tests within the CSIRO Laboratory so a big thank you to Rob Turner and again Simon Xiberras (yeap….I saw him on the tools).